Wanted: My photo library on a connected TV

One of the biggest missing pieces in personal photo management: the screensaver / slideshow


The longer version

Interactive demo

By default: a random slideshow of your photos. Left / Right for Previous / Next
Press OK at any time: Button actions and current Order and Lock mode displayed
Press Up: Pause and enter Order menu, with 3 options: Random (press Up), Chronological on timestamp (Left), and A-Z on filename (Right). Down or Back cancels menu.
Press Down: Pause and enter Lock menu, with 4 options: Lock to this month only (Left), this folder on disk only (Right), Clear lock (Up), or enter further submenu to lock by day, year or tag (Down). Back cancels menu.
Press Play / Pause at any time: Pause slideshow, display photo properties. Pressing Down will display additional properties, Up will hide all overlays.

App architecture (using Roku remote)

User Experience Director at isotoma.com